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Benefits of hiring a Social Media Agency

There’s a learning curve to social media marketing. It takes a lot of time and testing to understand it, let alone succeed at it. When you hire a social media agency, this skill-set is assured.

On top of this, social media is constantly changing. What works one day may not work the next. Social media agencies keep their eyes on these changes like a hawk and adapt appropriately.

Hiring an agency takes this burden off your shoulders. They use their expertise to successfully manage your social media accounts, allowing you to focus on the other areas required to grow your business.

When you hire an agency, you’re not only hiring a single person. You’re hiring a whole team of professionals—each an expert in their field.
See our team at  Marketing One, which was taken pre-lockdown, and have now added several more members to our herd!

Their fields of expertise range from knowing the best media buying strategies to designing the most eye-catching creatives. Working together, they produce social media campaigns that bring fantastic ROI for their clients.

Here’s a glimpse of the roles inside an agency:

  • Social account manager
  • Paid social manager
  • Social media strategist
  • Copywriter
  • Videographer
  • Graphic designer

A social media agency will have everything needed to produce your campaigns under one roof. You won’t need to subscribe to any new software services or buy any equipment. They’ll have it all. For example, at Marketing One, we have our own in-house video production studio.

It isn’t just the physical resources either that you’re gaining. You’re getting the specific insight that an agency has gained from experience working with multiple accounts and the research they’ve gathered.

Crafting a profitable social media strategy and managing your social media accounts to keep in line with this strategy takes a heavy time investment if you choose to handle it yourself.

You can quickly rack up the hours fine-tuning your social media content and fiddling with your media buying settings. Or, you could rest easy knowing that an expert team is working to keep your social media presence desirable for your target audience without taking up half of your week.

What does a Social Media Agency do?

Understanding Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Agency. A social media agency uses paid advertising or organic content production on various social media platforms to achieve your business goals. Or, in some cases, they’ll do both. Essentially, they use their expertise and strategies to handle your social media accounts effectively while getting you better results than you could get on your own.

Social media agencies aim to achieve your social media marketing goals. However, many businesses spend money on social media because everybody else is. They do this without having any clear goals or strategic insight. It’s a recipe for disaster.

When you approach a social media agency with your goals, they will lay out the strategy for achieving them. These goals could be growing your audience, fulfilling a specific return on your ad spend or boosting sales in a particular region. For successful campaigns, find the agency that best fits your goals and offers the services you need to achieve them.

Being able to grow an account to 20,000 followers in a month may seem easy to many people. “Just go on Google and buy followers” or “run giveaways”, they’ll say. This is wrong. Most of those followers won’t be relevant to your brand and are unlikely to interact with or buy from you. Not to mention, your account could be flagged and removed from the platform.

An agency will determine the best platforms to focus on, the type of ads to produce that will best connect with your target audience and the most suitable influencers for promoting your brand. They do this by keeping up to date with the ever-changing best practices on social media and the waysdifferent demographics interact with social media.

This results in a larger and engaged audience who care about what you have to offer.

It’s in the social media agencies’ best interest to get you the best results possible because if they’re not performing, they’ll lose clients. As such, they’ll keep you updated on the progress and results you’re getting on social media. In this reporting, they’ll clearly define the key metrics that show your social media marketing is growing your business.

Using this feedback, they can improve and strategise. For a simplified example, their reporting may find that advertising on LinkedIn isn’t very productive, but on Instagram, it’s overwhelmingly positive, with a 10x the return on ad spend. So the strategy will move towards focusing more on what’s working on Instagram.



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