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Instagram Algorithm 2022. 5 Tips How To Work With It.

We are often exposed to the term Instagram algorithm without really understanding what it is and what benefits it brings to our profiles, whether personal or business. Below you will find the meaning of the algorithm and some tips on how to work with it to your advantage.

The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules and signals that rank content on the platform: across users’ feeds, the Explore Page, post feeds, etc. The algorithm analyzes every piece of content posted to the network, taking metadata, hashtags, and engagement metrics into account. Based on this information, it distributes content to make sure that users have easy access to what they are most interested in seeing.


1. Schedule your posts at optimal times

If you look closely, you’ll realize that audience engagement is a common (and powerful) signal to Instagram algorithms. So posting your content at the right times can make a big difference to your reach.

2. Incorporate Reels into your Instagram marketing strategy

As mentioned earlier, Reels get more engagement than regular Instagram videos. This means that posting Reels can help you increase your visibility across Instagram.

3. Use hashtags to increase visibility

Adding descriptive and accurate hashtags to your posts is an effective way to increase your reach on Instagram.

4. Post consistently

Whether you want to grow your followers, increase your reach or boost engagement (and these three things are connected), you need to post consistently.

5. Automate your analytics reports

Tracking and monitoring your performance on Instagram is one of the best ways to find favor in the sight of the algorithms. Understanding what’s working and what isn’t will help you fine-tune your marketing plan, and save time and effort in the future.

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